Making the HAM Mini

Throughout March, Jo and the creative team at Mini HQ worked together on an exclusive car wrap, adapting HAM’s Rabbit designs to fit Mini’s Countryman model.

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, the HAM car was being made by their production team and like all Minis, built to order - ours to a bespoke monochrome spec. Once in the UK both car and Rabbits were sent to Mini’s fitting team who artfully applied an intricate laser cut vinyl by hand to its bodywork.

We sadly couldn’t make it out to Holland to see the car being built but were able to go behind the scenes at Mini’s manufacturing plant in Oxford, where a staggering 1000 cars are produced every day. Here we followed a classic Cooper from start to finish, lovingly crafted with immense precision by talented Mini folk and masterful robotics.

At the end of our tour we were met by our very own Mini…..mind blown.

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