Things we like

A snap take from our plane window during a recent flight to Portugal - amazed by these striking man-made patterns. Turns out it's all down to irrigation!
Home Makers

Just read an great article about abodes made from strange materials. Maria Ponce's El Salvador 'bottle' home and the Norwegian 'grass house' are particular faves.

Take Me There
I'm so pleased to have discovered Alasdair Lindsay. His bold 50s inspired paintings transport you to a happier place, just the kind of escapism art should deliver.
Clerkenwell's Farmiloe Building provided a raw dramatic backdrop for this year's design festival. It is soon to be regenerated so get down there while you can!
Design Week
Lots of great work on show at this year's Clerkwell Design Week - think this screen wall by Johnson Tiles was a particular instagram fave. More show snaps here.
Eco Hotel
Just written up about our stay at the impressive Portugese hotel, Areias do Seixo. Highly recommend a visit - here's my take on the eco retreat for Design Hunter.
Forest Frolics
An ethereal looking New Forest last week. See more of my photos from The Pig trip on HAM's facebook page.
The Coolest Coonhound
I have recently discovered (and become obsessed with) Maddie the Coonhound as captured through the lens of Theron Humphrey. More at
It's A Sign
Couldn't resist - an example of the original typeface designed by the Ministry of Transport for UK road signs. Often referred to as 'Ministry' or 'Old Signs'.
Renegade Finds
Fell for Sean Mort's Bicycle screen prints at Renegade... so much so I bought them!
Sew Cool
Smart embroideries from HAM's Renegade show neighbour, Stephanie Tillman.
The Hot Seat

A few favourite Pinterest finds: Hermann Miller/Okay Art golden Eames chair, Marni Outdoor Chair and Arne Jacobsen Leather Drop Chair.

Still Life
Just discovered the work of spanish photographer Sanchez-Montanes. In awe of how he cleverly combines the serene and dynamic. See more at
Jamie Shovlin
Wowed by Jamie Shovlin's latest show at Haunch Venison, London. Highly recommend a trip to see his take on the Fontana books that didnt quite make it into print.